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Hypo Unscented Acid Wash

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This wonder spray will reduce your dry time, liven up luster and shine, and soften coat without a trace of silicones, oils, or other unneeded ingredients. When you're pooped from pooches, give 'em a spritz to cut your dry time down!


MSDS and Allergy Information

The Quick dry spray that does it all!

To understand how to use our Acid Wash, it's important to know how it works! Then you can get creative and find many uses, maybe even some we haven't thought of!

Acid Wash uses an Alpha Hydroxy Acid with mild acidity to snap the cuticles on the hair shaft shut, allowing water to bead off and evaporate quicker. This is important, because open cuticles lead to dry, porous hair.

With no alcohol or silicones, Acid Wash will:
Reduce Dry Time
Enhance natural shine
Lock in Hydration
Lock in color molecules (Rinse color and spray- no need to use traditional conditioner that requires rinsing)
and much much more!

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Avoiding eyes, nose and genitals- Spritz liberally on coat after bath to reduce dry time. Spritz before bath to replace traditional conditioner for COC Method. Use on dry coat to add texture, reduce static and as a scissoring spray. Lock in Dye with Acid Wash instead of traditional conditioner and avoid extra rinsing- keeping those pesky color molecules locked in!

Purified Water, Aloe Vera, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate

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