Chelsea McKimmie
Chelsea McKimmie
Welcome, Shniff frens, to the bark-tastic world of "Squish to Condish" - a method to drench those dry doggy coats with much-needed moisture! 
**Micro-Magic of Conditioning:**
Let's zoom into the micro level of doggo hair. When hair is overly saturated with water, it becomes less receptive to conditioners. Yep, too much water can actually repel the goodness of conditioners, leaving your pup's coat feeling parched.
**Moisture Maximization Technique:**
The secret to unleashing the full power of conditioners lies in a towel-dry ritual. After a thorough bath, gently towel-dry your furry friend's coat to a damp state. Then, the magic begins! Apply conditioner generously and work it through the fur, ensuring each strand gets its pampering dose. If using diluted conditioner, make sure you're not oversaturating. I am guilty of simply dousing the dog in conditioner, but with diluted conditioner, precise and measured application is the way to go! 
**Squish to Condish Technique:**
Here's where the magic happens: "Squish to Condish"! With the conditioner applied, gently squish and massage the coat to ensure the conditioner penetrates deeply into every strand. For desheds, take this opportunity to brush target areas. This process aids in deshedding and minimizes the need for excessive rinsing.
**Efficiency Unleashed:**
By allowing the coat to absorb the conditioner, the rinsing time reduces significantly. Since the coat drinks up the goodness, there's less residue to rinse away, ensuring your pup's fur retains the nourishment it needs.
In essence, by towel-drying before application and embracing the "Squish to Condish" technique, you're not just quenching that dry coat's thirst, but also aiding the deshedding process and optimizing the efficacy of the conditioner. So, let's pamper those precious coats and make bath time an oasis of moisture for your beloved fur babies!
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